Powerful Data Centers Across The World

Spatros partners with 7 data centers around the world, including 2 of the largest ones. The company has implemented a global end-to-end management concept for its data centers, and it now has unique know-how in terms of high availability, security, and energy efficiency.

We are not the only ones but we are the best.

Spatros data centers are strictly for our own usage - servers can only be physically accessed by authorized employees. Access restricted by security badge control system, video surveillance and security personnel 24/7 on-site. Rooms fitted with smoke detection systems Technicians on site 24/7.

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Hot Swap Disks

The hot swap feature can be used to change or add disks without service interruptions. This guarantees constant uptime for your services.

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Redundant network

900 Gbit/s Connected Uplinks

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Dual power supply

The majority of the servers that Spatros sells are dual power supply unit servers, or, in other words, come with two power supplies. For the budget conscious, we do provide some configurations with one power supply and the option to add a second power supply.

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Advanced security features

All of the servers in the range have a 99.99% SLA, ensuring the best availability for your business applications.

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Spatros all your servers and website are safe

24/7/365 In-House Data Center Support An internet that doesn't sleep needs a dedicated team of technicians that are available to resolve issues within minutes of when they occur. Our data centre is staffed with experienced in-house technicians around the clock that are never more than a few steps away from your servers. Whether it's a simple drive swap or a RAM upgrade, we have the staff and parts on-site to get the job done quickly and meet your needs on your schedule.

Frequently Aksed Questions

How can I contact your support in case of an inquiry?

Should you have any pre-sales inquiry about our products or if you face an issue with your Spatros server, you can contact our Support via Phone, E-Mail and Ticket. We are available ...

What is the difference between VPS vs Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated servers are single-tenant environments: only one client has access to the hardware. Virtual servers are multi-tenant environments: a client has sole access to the virtual server environment, but they share the ...

Do i have full root access to my VPS or Dedicated Server ?

Yes of course Linux-based Servers: You have to establish an SSH connection to your server using “root” as a username, the root password, and the IP address assigned to your VPS/Cloud/Dedicated Server. ...

How can I check the current status of your Data Centers or whether there are any service interruptions?

You can check the current status of our Data Centers on the website https://spatros.com/last/portal/serverstatus We are working hard to avoid any kind of interruptions and to ensure that you do not have ...

What payment methods are available?

We offer both automatic and manual payment methods. Payment methods: PayPal and Credit Card. We accept 3 currency *EUR, USD and DKK*.

Do you have pre-sales questions?

Not sure which plan is right for you? Our sales team focuses on our valuable customers and is ready to assist you If you have a question or idea, don't hesitate to contact us

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